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What is supplemental insurance?

There is probably no more recognized insurance spokesperson than the Aflac duck. If you know nothing about insurance it is almost a guarantee you recognize that little guy.

What does "supplemental insurance" do? It really is appropriately named...supplemental. It supplements other insurance. It is not meant to be your primary source of coverage.

If you have health insurance there are deductibles, co-pays, and various expenses that are gaps in coverage. Supplemental insurance helps cover those gaps. It really is that simple.

Insurance is set up to pay hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, etc. Supplemental plans are set up to pay you. You decide how to use the money. You can use it to cover those gaps or pay your house payment. Supplemental insurance is designed to put you in control when life gets a little out of control.

Interested in getting a quote for a cancer, hospitalization, accident, life, and/or disability plan? Send me an email or give me call or text. (507) 320-6639.

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