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What ever happened to the "old school" insurance agent?

I started in the insurance business in 1993. I was with a small company named Prudential. We were required to meet with at least fifteen people every person. We made phone call after phone call to set appointments. The reason for our appointment was to give a "PruReview." It was a valuable tool for both client and agent. We were able to get to know their individual needs and see if there was an avenue for Prudential to be a partner in their plan.

Flash forward twenty-five years and things have changed...significantly. Face-to-face meetings over the kitchen table were replaced with online appointments and emails. Business is now commonly done over the phone or internet. It is possible for people to have an agent they've never met. Convenient? You bet. Good idea? Maybe not.

I like getting to know the people I serve. There is no "one-size-fits-all" insurance program. Every family has a different set of needs. It takes a little extra time to sit down and talk. There is a risk that someone will feel a little uncomfortable. What if the agent tries to push something on me that I don't want or need? I am not just an agent, but also a consumer. I face the same dilemma when I shop for anything.

I like the idea of running into the people I serve at WalMart or HyVee. It keeps me focused on doing the right things all the time. If I am simply a peddler of insurance, there is a risk that what I offer will be of no benefit...or worse. I am a professional, however. I am here to help people make sound decisions that build a lasting relationship.

Every person will need insurance at some point. I want to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with them at the time of their greatest need, knowing that my diligence made the difference.

I am different. I think you will appreciate the expertise and attention to detail that I bring. Take a little more time now to save you down the road.

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