• Brynn

Insuring your pets

If you are like me you understand that dogs and cats are part of the family. My dogs and cat are treated well. I make sure to feed them the best food, give them fresh water, wash their bedding, and walk them regularly (including the cat).

Vet bills can catch you by surprise. One of the easiest ways to have peace of mind is protecting them with their own insurance plan. There are options that can fit almost any budget.

You choose the level of protection you want (up to $15,000). You choose the deductible you want. You choose the reimbursement level you want (70% - 90%). After that, if you have a vet visit simply pay the bill and submit for reimbursement.

Example: Vet bill is $2500 - your deductible is $250 - your reimbursement is 90% - you receive $2025. That is a huge savings.

Call me today to find out how affordable the plans can be (507) 320-6639. If you prefer you can email me at

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