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Cheap Auto Insurance

When you look at the search terms people are entering in search engines, you see that "cheap auto insurance" is a common phrase. The term "cheap" is really a relative term, though. Probably a better term would be low cost.

There are many factors that enter into a quote for auto coverage. Insurers use their own criteria for determining the price for coverage. Your claims history, age of vehicle, coverage sought, and even credit play a role.

As an independent agent I search the rates of a dozen insurers to determine the best plan for each person. I understand that one size does not fit all. If your main concern is price, you are probably going to make a mistake. There are many factors to consider.

1. How much coverage do I actually need? (Liability)

2. How much risk am I willing to retain for myself? (Deductible)

3. Do I have a new car? Will I be able to cover the gap between what is owed at the time of loss and the amount still owed to lender? (Gap Coverage)

4. Can I save money by adjusting my frequency of payments?

5. How easy is the claims process?

Cheap auto insurance often comes up short. I like to meet with prospective clients to help determine what coverage and company is the right fit. With a dozen to choose from I am bound to find the right fit for you.

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