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Life Insurance


There are four primary types of life insurance, and each has a place in any sound financial plan. The four variations of life insurance are:

Term Life Insurance - fixed premiums for a fixed period of time, like 10 or 20 years

Whole Life Insurance - permanent insurance, as long as premiums are paid, with fixed premiums and cash value benefits

Universal Life Insurance - permanent insurance with options to change premiums and death benefits


Variable Life Insurance - similar to Universal Life but with the flexibility to choose investment risks to maximize cash value benefit


Life insurance can be used for a variety of financial planning purposes, including:

Paying for the education of children
Helping your spouse and surviving children maintain their lifestyles
To ensure the continuation of a business after the death of a key owner or employee

Contact me today to review your needs and options and get you competitive quotes for the right life insurance for you.

Car Insurance


You need to protect yourself should your vehicle be damaged or stolen. Just as important, you need insurance for liability - property damage or injury to others caused by you and other household members as a result of operating a motor vehicle.


Other policy features include medical payment reimbursement and reimbursement for injury caused to you by an uninsured or inadequately insured driver.


There are many special situations where you may need to customize your policy; examples include installation of custom audio equipment, business use of your auto and teenage and guest drivers, to name a few.

Let me review your coverage and make suggestions based on your personal information.  Call my office at (507) 679-1001 or call/text my cell at (507) 219-9649.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance protects your property - both your house and things in it - from losses due to fire, wind, theft and whole lot more. Homeowners Insurance also covers you for property damage or injury to others for which you or other family members may be held legally liable.

Customized Insurance for your Minnesota or Iowa Home


There are several standard parts of homeowner insurance coverage, but there are even more ways to customize home insurance policies to make sure you get maximum credits and the right insurance coverage for your Minnesota or Iowa home. We can customize your home insurance policy for home business occupancies, special collections, important art or jewelry, and more.

Let me assist you in tailoring a homeowners insurance policy that is right for you.

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Brynn Harms, Tanya Harms
Insurance Advantage Agency, LLC

I love insurance. I know, I know...for most people this is as exciting as watching paint dry. I became passionate about it when my family suffered a personal crisis. It didn't take long to learn that one size does not fit all.

My mom suffered a major health scare. She and my dad were not prepared for the expenses of a serious illness or injury. As a result, they were forced to use a great deal of their savings to cover their expenses. When you need insurance the most, it is not a good time to make sure you are properly covered. 

I educated myself because I do not want to see other families endure the same situation. That is why I started the Silver Legacy Group.

By partnering with Insurance Advantage Agency, I add the resources of a big company with many experienced agents serving their communities. I stand shoulder to shoulder with you, but there is a force of experience behind us. Whether it is ensuring you are covered for auto, home, life or business, there is a wealth of experience to draw on.

Give me a call today to meet with you and discuss your individual situation. I will gladly meet with you in your home or at my office. Call my office at (507) 320-6639 or call/text my cell phone at (507) 219-9649. 

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